Quest Diagnostics is a diagnostic testing company which is headquartered in New Jersey. Recently, they have made an announcement that on Nov. 26, their web application was hacked.

Apparently, it was an unauthorized 3rd party which hacked into the MyQuest by Care360 internet app as well as the data of more than 34,000 patients.

According to sources, the data which was hacked and accessed includes patient name, their dates of birth, lab results, as well as some telephone numbers. Thankfully, it actually didn’t additionally include Social Security numbers and financial info such as customer credit card numbers, or insurance info. Currently, there isn’t any real evidence showing that the data was misused.

Since the hack, Quest Diagnostics has now started working with a cyber-security firm” to help address their vulnerabilities in their website to make sure incidents like this one don’t happen once again.

As of late, it seems that the health care industry has been at the center of a real hacking epidemic.

This year, there have been an average of about four data breaches per week, according to some statistics that have come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Just this last June, another hacker attempted to sell off more than 655,000 patient data records from 3 hacked healthcare companies. In these cases, the information actually included data that could indeed be utilized for identity theft and even fraud.